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Team of Rivals. The Political Genius of Abraham Lincoln

Team of Rivals. The Political Genius of Abraham Lincoln

Book Author - Doris Kearns Goodwin
ISBN: ISBN -13:978-0-684-82490-1
Publisher: Simon and Schuster Paperbacks
Publish Date: Jun 15, 2005
Category: Book Reviews
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Number of Pages: 754
Book Author: Doris Kearns Goodwin

Pulitzer prize winner Goodwin focuses more than a third of this lengthy piece on the awkward diversity of Lincoln’s cabinet. In the end however their personalities and intellects will fit with Lincoln’s like pieces of a jigsaw puzzle, each locking into a place that makes productive if not perfect sense.

One could ask how the work might have inclined to some brevity but any reader of the Civil War era knows that such accounts always take their own time to reveal the bumps and divots of the period. Nothing is smooth and few topics are quickly explained from this chapter of history.

The last half of this work looks at a number of Civil War events, how they unfolded and the President’s interactions with each event.  Like Goodwin, we leave it to the reader to connect the dots as to the effectiveness of the team. We also leave you with the bigger question, “Are teams more effective than individuals?” This is the question that transcends the 1800’s time period and affects each of us daily.