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The Healing of America, A Global Quest for Better, Cheaper and Fairer Health Care
Book Author - T.R. Reid
| Published Date - Apr 2, 2018 | Category - Book Reviews | Organization Affiliation: - | Organization Type - | Number of Pages : 239 | ISBN : 978-1-59420-234-6 | Publisher : Penguin Press of New York

This work from T.R. Reid basically looks at health care models around the world in democratic nations and asks why we too do not have a simpler, workable solution. The author discusses healthcare in France, Japan, Germany, the U.K., Canada and America, all of which have an average lifespan longer than Americans.  He addresses myths about non-U.S. health care that are often brought up to unrealistically criticize non-U.S. methods of administration and delivery in the nations presented. We find it particularly interesting that healthcare, as an institution in America, seems perceived by Reid as too big and too infiltrated by industry lobbyists to be a open to significant change of any kind in this era.  The U.S. model has become an increasingly hardened pipeline for support of integrated institutions, sympathetic elected officials seeking funding and the easily fanned flames known as, "fear of change". In brief, the long term health care successes beyond U.S. borders are deemed by many elected officials and the industry to be irrelevant to our domestic situation although no concrete evidence can be given to explain why such solutions could not be adapted to benefit Americans, improving their overall American quality of life and reducing health care solution stress. An important read.