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The Healing of America, A Global Quest for Better, Cheaper and Fairer Health Care
Book Author - T.R. Reid
| Published Date - Apr 2, 2018 | Category - Book Reviews | Organization Affiliation: - | Organization Type - | Number of Pages : 239 | ISBN : 978-1-59420-234-6 | Publisher : Penguin Press of New York

This work from T.R. Reid basically looks at health care models around the world in democratic nations and asks why we too do not have a simpler, workable solution. The author discusses healthcare in France, Japan, Germany, the U.K., Canada and America, all of which have an average lifespan longer than Americans.  He addresses myths about non-U.S. health care that are often brought up to unrealistically criticize non-U.S. methods of administration and delivery in the nations presented. We find it particularly interesting that healthcare, as an institution in America, seems perceived by Reid as too big and too infiltrated by industry lobbyists to be a open to significant change of any kind in this era.  The U.S. model has become an increasingly hardened pipeline for support of integrated institutions, sympathetic elected officials seeking funding and the easily fanned flames known as, "fear of change". In brief, the long term health care successes beyond U.S. borders are deemed by many elected officials and the industry to be irrelevant to our domestic situation although no concrete evidence can be given to explain why such solutions could not be adapted to benefit Americans, improving their overall American quality of life and reducing health care solution stress. An important read.Read More

The Brain Warrior's Way
Book Author - Daniel G. Amen, MD & Tana Amen, BSN, RN
| Published Date - Jun 2, 2016 | Category - Book Reviews | Organization Affiliation: - | Organization Type - | Number of Pages : 336 | ISBN : 978-1-101-98848-0 | Publisher : Berkley

This book starts with an interesting and fully plausible premise, that a great many of us are, wittingly or not, accelerating the decline of our mental health. We are so bombarded with unhealthy food and behavior choices that many people take an active role in moving themselves to a less healthy state than they we were at a year or two ago.  In fact the book lets us conceptually step back and see that we have been continuing this process for more years than we tend to think. The team of Amen and Amen identify a number of reasons our health declines faster than necessary. The doctor seems driven by an honest physicians interest in healing the body.  The nurse seems driven by a realization that choices in years past were denying her the more healthy state for which she genuinely longed. We encourage this book, like many, to be used as a kind of workbook.  Note your own favorite stories. Write down your own convictions as to how your brain health might have become less-optimal over time and your path to better health. The good news is that the human brain, well treated, will become more healthy. Highly recommend if you can accept personal behavior change.Read More

Team of Rivals. The Political Genius of Abraham Lincoln
Book Author - Doris Kearns Goodwin
| Published Date - Jun 2, 2005 | Category - Book Reviews | Organization Affiliation: - | Organization Type - | Number of Pages : 754 | ISBN : ISBN -13:978-0-684-82490-1 | Publisher : Simon and Schuster Paperbacks

Pulitzer prize winner Goodwin focuses more than a third of this lengthy piece on the awkward diversity of Lincoln's cabinet. In the end however their personalities and intellects will fit with Lincoln's like pieces of a jigsaw puzzle, each locking into a place that makes productive if not perfect sense. One could ask how the work might have inclined to some brevity but any reader of the Civil War era knows that such accounts always take their own time to reveal the bumps and divots of the period. Nothing is smooth and few topics are quickly explained from this chapter of history. The last half of this work looks at a number of Civil War events, how they unfolded and the President's interactions with each event.  Like Goodwin, we leave it to the reader to connect the dots as to the effectiveness of the team. We also leave you with the bigger question, "Are teams more effective than individuals?" This is the question that transcends the 1800's time period and affects each of us daily.Read More

The Telomere Effect
Book Author - Elizabeth Blackburn, PhD / Elissa Epel, PhD
| Published Date - Jan 2, 2017 | Category - Book Reviews | Organization Affiliation: - No joint affiliation | Organization Type - | Number of Pages : 398 | ISBN : 978-1-4555-8797-1 | Publisher : Grand Central Publishing

Blackburn, a Nobel Prize winner in Physiology, and Epel, a UCSF Psychiatry professor, combine their research and experience to present a brilliant but very readable discovery on chromosome health. The subject, Telomeres, are presented as microscopic caps attached to the ends of each chromosome.  Without their lasting and healthy condition, the chromosomes are less protected. The Authors explain that if we cultivate behaviors and conditions that encourage telomere growth, our health and vitality are generally positively affected.  If however we ignore our telomeres or take on behaviors that  reduce their health, then our cell level growth and cell reproduction will, over time be negatively affected. The influences and considerations regarding our ability to improve our telomeres is discussed with engaging thought and is remarkably easy to understand considering the academic and research depth of its authors. Five Stars * * * * *  Read More