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Author Guidelines

These Guidelines apply to all authors making document submissions to UniversitEPublishing, LLC.  For documents to be considered by UniversitEPublishing, LLC for electronic publishing, they must be provided to us in accordance with these Guidelines.  Any continued participation at the site on your part is deemed as acceptance of the Guidelines and all site agreements.

All submissions must be in the English language.

Academic Submissions (typically University related research) must be identified by their author as either scientific, (to include behavioral sciences) or non-scientific.  All academic documents are to be submitted with a clear indication of the style manual and edition used when the document was created for edition verification.

If the document is submitted as scientific, the author must have written it according to either the American Psychological Association (APA) style manual or the Modern Language Association’s Guide to Scholarly Publishing.  If the document is non-scientific, the author must have written it according to either the Chicago Manual of Style (CMS) or the Modern Language Association’s Style Manual.  The edition of the style manual need not be the most current available.  The styles and the reference books used to support them are identified below.

Failure to provide a document that complies with the appropriate style manual indicated by the author may lead to the submission being disapproved or removed by UniversitEPublishing, LLC.

Acceptable Reference Guides for Non-Scientific work (select one):
The Chicago Manual of Style.
Or the MLA Style Manual

Reference Guide for Scientific work (select one):
APA Publication Manual
Or the MLA Guide to Scholarly Publishing.

Non-Academic Executive / Experienced Based Documents: Quality non-academic, experienced based submissions need not conform to the styles described above but will be assessed based on verifiable content, logic, practicality, grammar, clarity and constructive use in personal or organizational problem solving.

Community Service Documents: UniversitEPublishing publishes selected documents from individuals or non-profit organizations whose material has been deemed to be highly important to all readers. These documents may not conform to any writing style described above but retain sufficient value and quality to waive style requirements in the public interest.

Document Introductions and Abstracts: UniversitEPublishing, LLC reserves the right to create and provide a unique Introduction and or Abstract to better introduce any document including those submitted for possible electronic publishing. Such an orientation piece shall be perceived as adding real value to the audience.

Our Review Delays Submission Assessment: Your submission for us to review and assess your work for possible ePublishing creates natural delays in our business process. You agree that UniversitEPublishing, LLC may take up to 91 days to determine whether a document will or will not be approved for ePublishing at our site. We will notify prospective authors by email as soon as your submission has been accepted, has been made pending for further review, or is rejected at this time. While we wish you every success and attempt to help build more opportunities for you, any fees paid to date will not be refunded.  The time and effort to review submissions we receive and perform  any vetting activities, has value as well.

Submitted Document Ownership:  One of our goals is to help you succeed in your research and writing endeavors.  We cannot reach this goal without allowing you to have some control of your document.  If you get an offer to publish your document more profitably elsewhere, just contact us should the circumstances require you to remove the document from our web site.  We will try to remove the piece in a timely manner and let you move up to your next opportunity to share your work.

Documents Downloaded by Our Clients:  If your document is approved by us for electronic publishing, it may be downloaded by others for a nominal fee.  You hereby agree to this fee (currently around $6.00) to be collected and retained by UniversitEPublishing, LLC for any document that is not authored by a non-profit* organization member.  Downloaded documents require the buyer to acknowledge that the purchase is for a one-time limited use license and cannot be resold for any reason.  If the buyer fails to accept this agreement, the download process will not complete.   *Non-profit organizations typically upload documents for no charge and the documents can be downloaded by clients at no charge.

Category Selection:  UniversitEPublishing, LLC reserves the right to change the subject Category from one selected initially by the submitting author to one (or more) that we, in our exclusive assessment,  deem more appropriate to the material submitted and the marketing efforts designed and implemented exclusively by UniversitEPublishing, LLC.  We may change the Category selected by the Author, “History” for example, to “Leadership” or a similar Category.

Advertising:  UniversitEPublishing, LLC  reserves the exclusive right to integrate advertising material we approve, with any document that we, in our exclusive assessment, approve for electronic publishing at our web site.  Furthermore, any advertising shown, may be changed by UniversitEPublishing, LLC or its agent or agents without notice of any kind.  Authors not comfortable with advertising shown with or near their their work should not submit work for review and possible electronic publishing.

UniversitEPublishing, LLC Decisions Final: You agree that the decision to accept or reject your document submission(s) for epublishing shall lie entirely with UniversitEPublishing,LLC. Documents posted on the UniversitEPublishing, LLC web site by us shall remain accessible for up to 36 months after our acceptance, if granted.  Discounted or no-fee optional extensions may be granted by UniversitEPublishing, LLC and revised agreements, if any, made with the Author in circumstances deemed appropriate by UniversitEPublishing, LLC.

Promotion Permission:  UniversitEPublishing, LLC may from time to time find value in promoting a particular document or documents or author from our site. In such cases we may wish to disclose the author, title, category and / or other limited pieces of information concerning the document through one or more marketing efforts. You hereby grant UniversitEPublishing, LLC permission to promote your work without compensation of any kind to you if we deem doing so worthwhile.

These Guidelines Subject to Change without Notice: These Guidelines are subject to change without notice and if changed may impact any submissions made after the effective date of such change.