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Submitted papers are intended to benefit all readers. Topics include humanitarian efforts, news or relief assistance like natural disasters, charity events and similar subjects. There is no fee to submit documents for review and possible Epublishing.

Human Behavior

Documents that deal with human behavior in profit and non-profit organizations.


A collection of quality driven documents designed to help readers understand important characteristics of leadership.


Courtesy papers are broadly considered "for your information" reading. Additional detail can be obtained from the sources identified. There is no fee for submitting or downloading Courtesy Papers. Examples include business descriptions.


These papers are used to introduce and explain goods and services available from UniversitEPublishing community partners.


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Welcome to UniversitEPublishing, LLC

Our mission is to offer the academic research and life experiences written by others to encourage better decision making by everyone. We believe that everyone can better capture life's opportunities when we are willing to learn from the insight of experts among us. As we learn how to make better decisions, we see new paths to a brighter future for ourselves and those around us. University Students: Are you looking for an opportunity to show your communication skills? If your work is original, well referenced and addresses problems faced by organizations or individuals then it may be in demand! Have you thought about the career advantages that might be available to you as a published author?

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About Us

In 2006 while completing graduate studies in Organizational Dynamics at a major mid-western university, we were surprised to learn that quality research results do not always reach those who could most benefit. In fact many good university studies never make it beyond a successful defense. We made a few inquiries and discovered that graduate and doctoral discovery seldom has much impact. There is often good research, meaningful work and significant output but little learning for anyone but the author and a few as


In the meantime, as some meaningful academic findings were passing us by for lack of good distributed education methods, we saw that no one was constructively educating the public to improve awareness on some of life's biggest concerns.

Learning Case 1: Wall Street Cheaters Who Could and Did.  

In the 1990's some important real-life economic lessons had been missed until it was too late for millions of hard-working Americans.  These included cases where people had their retirement money diverted into fraudulent corporations. Clearly there had been a failure by experts to ident