Refund Policy

UniversitEPublishing, LLC will provide a review of each document received, whether or not we ultimately approve the submission and make it available to others for limited, non-exclusive use from our web site. Document review includes attempting to authenticate the references, verifying the academic or peer pre-endorsement of a paper, determining the applicability of a paper to address business or other individual challenges and additional important requirements detailed in the Author’s Agreement. Based on efforts from UniversitEPublishing, LLC, to help assure that only quality submissions are accepted, all are hereby notified that there is no refund whatsoever whether a submission is accepted or rejected. 

For papers that have been reviewed and made available for limited use download, UniversitEPublishing, LLC presents an abstract provided by the author or our revision of the author's abstract or an abstract that we author as deemed appropriate. 

Based exclusively on our determination of the appropriate Category of each paper and the abstract that we create, modify or select, the prospective limited use buyer makes a determination as to whether or not to pay the amount shown and download a paper for such limited use. Time and effort are expended to assure quality before a document can be made available. Prospective buyers are hereby notified that there is no refund whatsoever and no substitution of downloaded files (or file) will be permitted.  Do not download any file with the belief that a refund will be permitted.  Additional important requirements are detailed in the Buyer’s Agreement.

There is no refund available to submitters, authors, limited use buyers or other site participants to include members. Any individual or organization in conflict or potential conflict with these rules should immediately discontinue access, use or exploration of this resource.


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