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In 2006 while completing graduate studies in Organizational Dynamics at a major mid-western university, we discovered that quality research findings do not always reach those who could most benefit.  In fact many worthwhile college research studies never make it beyond their successful defense. Findings and recommendations are seldom published to help those who first inspired the work.     

We made a few inquiries and discovered that other researchers had similar experiences in Masters and Doctoral studies. There was good research instruction, meaningful work and significant output but far less energy focused on delivery of the insight gained. 

Case Study: The Consequences of Near Learning 

Later we saw another missed learning opportunity while taking a closer look at the financial crimes that began in the 1990's. These were cases where hard working people had their retirement investment money stolen. Clearly there had been a failure by genuine experts to reach out to those who most needed to improve their investment decisions.  Our reliance on traditional educational resources to protect people from financial predators like Enron's Jeffrey Skilling, Worldcom's Bernie Ebbers and investment consultant Bernie Madoff had fallen short.  They cheated people out of billions of dollars, money that had previously been working capital in many financial institutions to help strengthen the economy.  Since then we have learned that Enron never released a balance sheet for investors to review.

Providing Quality Learning Material for Your Most Vested Teacher, You.  

In the examples above there was clear need for a focused and timely method to educate people who were ready to improve their decision-making capabilities. There was also a need to find excellent teaching material that would play a key role in the learning process.  In today's world of excessive data, finding topic specific material that moves us toward better decisions is a genuine challenge.  Modern nations have reached the destination of "information overload" that author Alvin Toffler described years ago in his book Future Shock (1970). We now have such a sea of information around us that we are often unable to pick out what we most need to know about in order to optimize decision making.  From government to the corporate world, we are so focused on yesterday's log-jammed discussions that we may miss the fact that newer information has shifted some of the premises on which a decision is being based.  We need to focus on higher quality information that will help us make better decisions as a matter of routine, not as a matter of exception.  From these and similar observations we began to see the structural "bones" of a publishing and teaching organization like UniversitEPublishing, LLC. 

By 2009 we consolidated our company's research paper categories in favor of improving subject focus. Later that same year we began looking for partners who share our vision, a search that continues today. More recently we have adapted the application for mobil device use so our members can learn, make choices and share their insight at any time or place.  In the last few months our educational strategy has been expanded to include some important international social discussion papers that once screened and approved, will be available to members at no charge.   

As we progress through 2014, UniversitEPublishing, LLC continues to improve methods to educate decision makers at all levels by screening and ePublishing objective, high quality original work. Today we stand committed to this educational engine that will benefit many with its targeted, material and rapid delivery system. We look forward to serving the publishing interests and learning needs of today's Internet community.   

We are Respectfully,

UniversitEPublishing, LLC

"Educate the people. They are the sure reliance for the preservation of liberty."  
Thomas Jefferson


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