Frequently Asked Questions
* How do I find a paper on a particular subject?
A: In the upper right corner, enter one or more search words related to the subject. Click Search.
* I authored a paper that was approved and would like to have it list by itself. How do I find it?
A: In the upper right corner, enter the name of the author. Click Search.
* On what topic should I think about writing a paper?
A: The subject matter for a paper depends on the expertise and research skills of the author. Choose a subject that you know well and one that will benefit others.
* I do not have an academic research paper to submit. Can I still become a published author? 
A: There is no requirement for submitted work to come from the academic community.  Experienced professionals are encouraged to submit their original work for consideration.  No author's work is guaranteed approval for publishing regardless of author or subject matter.  Each submission is carefully reviewed and screened on multiple criteria. 
* Does UniversitEPublishing publish book length research? 
A: No. The company electronically publishes research papers, experience based papers and some papers related to international human interests.

* What is the typical length of a paper that would be epublished by UniversitEPublishing?
Most papers will be from 20 to 35 pages in length. International human interest papers may be from 2 to about 5 pages in length.
* Does UniversitEPublishing, LLC seek to acquire an exclusive or royalty interest in the Author's work?
A: No. The resources we make available are the compilation of work from various authors. Our interests are basically two-fold. We want to help authors find new opportunities based on the content of their work and we want to help those who read the content to benefit from better decision making. 
* What is the basic criteria a paper needs to meet in order to be considered for epublishing?
Submissions must seek to solve a problem or challenge faced by an organization or individual. Also, the paper must be non-fiction and the original work of the author. Several additional terms are required. See the Terms of Use and Authors Agreement for more details. 
* If I pay for a paper and download it, will I actually own it?
No. You will have paid for a non-exclusive right to use the paper. All rights are retained by the author at all times. The downloaded file is not to be resold or credited to any other author. Additional terms are required. See the Terms of Use and the Buyers Agreement for more details. 

* Some of the terms would need to be changed to accommodate my epublishing interests.  What options are available?
A: Please see the Terms of Use. Visitors finding any terms or expectations unacceptable are instructed to abandon the site.

* Does UniversitEPublishing, LLC teach classes?
A: No. There is no shortage of existing teaching available on many standard subjects.  In the future we may, from time to time, offer self-paced instruction and possibly certification on subjects for which we see no significant training already available.
* How do I become a member?

1.    Create an Account:

  • Click “Create Account” in the upper left corner of the Home page.
  • In Account Creation, indicate whether you are affiliated with an Academic or Non-Academic organization.  Identify the organization.
  • With the form completed, click “Submit Information”.



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