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In 2006 while completing graduate studies in Organizational Dynamics at a major mid-western university, we were surprised to learn that quality research results do not always reach those who could most benefit. In fact many good university studies never make it beyond a successful defense. We made a few inquiries and discovered that graduate and doctoral discovery seldom has much impact. There is often good research, meaningful work and significant output but little learning for anyone but the author and a few associates.

In the meantime, as some meaningful academic findings were passing us by for lack of good distributed education methods, we saw that no one was constructively educating the public to improve awareness on some of life’s biggest concerns.

Learning Case 1: Wall Street Cheaters Who Could and Did.  

In the 1990’s some important real-life economic lessons had been missed until it was too late for millions of hard-working Americans.  These included cases where people had their retirement money diverted into fraudulent corporations. Clearly there had been a failure by experts to identify and proactively reach pensioners to warn them with even the most basic precautions.

Our reliance on traditional educational and news resources to protect people from financial predators like Enron’s Jeffrey Skilling, Worldcom’s Bernie Ebbers and investment consultant Bernie Madoff fell far short. They stole billions of dollars from people, including money that had previously been working capital in many financial institutions to help strengthen the U.S. economy.   We learned later that Enron never released as much as a balance sheet for investors to review.  The public, insufficiently informed, could not or did not ask the right questions.  The experts ignored their instincts and also took huge losses.

Learning Case 2: Pick the Best Student You Know. Hint: Don’t Look Far.  

Today much of the developed world has reached the “information overload” that author Alvin Toffler described years ago in his book Future Shock. We, the public, have such a sea of information around us that we are often unable to pick out what we most need to know in order to optimize decision making. From government to the corporate world, we are so focused on prior discussions and delayed decisions that we may not see the more relevant update surfacing outside of our immediate focus.

Today, finding accurate and well sourced subject material is a massive challenge. Certainly we must each be the prized good student in our own lives if we are to improve our own future and the lives of those we most value.  Have you ever considered the possibility of becoming a life-long learner, affiliating with a source that can both help you learn as a virtual student and allow you to teach others if you are so inclined?

As a society, our ongoing public and private sector education need is to focus on higher quality information that will help us make better decisions as a matter of routine, not as a matter of exception.  And so it is from these observations we first imagined in 2006, the structural “bones” of a publishing and education resource  that has become  UniversitEPublishing.

We seek to continually improve methods to educate decision makers at all levels by screening and ePublishing objective, quality original, non-fiction and generally positive work. We remain committed to this engine that will benefit many with its targeted, fact-based content and rapid delivery system. We look forward to serving your epublishing needs and helping to meet your own learning interests.

We are Respectfully,
UniversitEPublishing, LLC

“Educate the people. They are the sure reliance for the preservation of liberty.”
Thomas Jefferson


“This will go viral..and we are proud to be part of it.”  Barbara Trent, Senior Business Attorney, Washington,  D.C.

 “This concept is amazing.”  Richard Gates, Washington, D.C. University President.

“You must get this to market.” Kim Rey, CPA; Kim Rey and Assoc.

“UniversitEPublishing is a natural extension for modern learning methods.”  Jennifer Moore, PhD Statistics, University of Nebraska.

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